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Our new book: The Social Business Forge for ICT4D

We at have been working since 2008 on our first book, ”The Social Business Forge of ICT4D”, which sums up the experiences of the authors about ICT4D, social enterprises and the implications for setting up an association in Austria to support these developments:

  • Chapter 2 BAO Social Entrepreneurship Model
  • Chapter 3 ICT and the Digital Divide
  • Chapter 4 Communication Strategy
  • Chapter 5 Scientific research management
  • Chapter 6 Social enterprises in the Austrian tax system
  • Chapter 7 Hello Africa
  • Chapter 8 Zanzicode – Education in Web Programming in Zanzibar

The book will be published in October this year under:

Apart from this, people who are interested can also register for beta reading at the webpage. For the first ten feedbacks we have a free, printed version.

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Paul Pöltner

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  1. 7 Oct ’11 at 10:49

    I’m really interested in reading this book! Proud to know you!