Sustainovation 2011

This year, the Sustainovation conference again took place at the great location of the MODUL University Vienna, Am Kahlenberg 1. Every year I come to the conclusion that this is the location where I want to work. Here, you can find the inner silence to think about what really matters.

The conference was again over within two days. Unfortunately, I was able to join this conference only on Saturday.

Michaela Loibl & Wolfgang Glass – Wir lieben Neues und unterstützen es!:

So, I had the possibility to hear the presentation of Mingo and from the “Wirtschaftsagentur Vienna. What they are doing for startups in Vienna, was really great. If you need to face any challenges,, they are the right place to go to. Furthermore, they provide a great starting point to setup the first office with the Mingo working places..

Martin Maitz – Innovations- und Zukunftsinitiative (in Kärnten):

This presentation gave me an inside view of the activities regarding innovation in Carinthia. Maitz and its team are really putting in a lot of effort to bring innovation to Carinthia and help people to innovate themselves. He has presented some of these activities and conferences and I’m really looking forward to becoming a part of one of these conferences.

Christine Priesner – Entscheiden und Handeln in Komplexität

Priesner presented a method of how to visualize the complexity of problem-solving and how this may be used in a professional environment. This was based mainly on the idea of every team member visualizing the different levels and then building up a comprehensive viewpoint. As the timeslots were limited, we only got a short overview of the different methods and how they could be used.

Again, thanks to the team of Mehrblick for organizing this event. I’m looking forward to the next conference, where I may be able to present a session on my own.

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