Get your emails archived – MailStore 8 Home and shared folders

Since several years I’m using a program called “Mailstore”, which makes backing up of emails very simple. And the best of all, it’s free for private use.

With some simple steps it is possible to add all your email accounts to this program and everything is saved in one location.

Nevertheless, with the private version of your MailStore software you can only save the emails on your local harddrive. The following error message shows up, using a shared folder:

MailStore Error Message







As I needed to save my private emails on my HomeNAS, I was searching for a simple solution. And the solution is “Symbolic links”:

mklink /d c:\mailstore \\store\emailbackup\mailstorearchives

Just open your command shell (as “Administrator”) and write the above line.

That’s it.

The folder on your harddrive will be created automatically. Now you can create a new archive in c:\mailstore.


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