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28 Jan 2012

Outsourcing/Shared services: Aligning the organizational complexity to the defined environment

Organizations have to concentrate their organizational effort on their core competences. The pressure on prices, quality and efficiency is increasing. Thus, organizations have to focus more on their core processes, and all other processes have to be structured as lean and standardized as possible. In the end, all organizational units

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23 Dec 2011

Capgemini-CTO Andy Mulholland in an interview with “”

CTO Mulholland points out in an interview with the „“: The product-driven business model is history. In a connected world, customer can only be won with service. Within this article it is summarized that with the increased connectivity, organizations are facing an increased global completion which leads to a shorter

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17 Aug 2011

IiD*: Agile business management Part: Facing the way of business management in a global, connected world of individuals

This hack* looks at how an organisation or individual is able to cope with current complex environments to deliver high quality work in the required amount of time. As a baseline this theory expects, that every individual or organisation is always involved in several projects, within an organisation or by

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