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14 Dec 2014

Get your emails archived – MailStore 8 Home and shared folders

Since several years I’m using a program called “Mailstore”, which makes backing up of emails very simple. And the best of all, it’s free for private use. With some simple steps it is possible to add all your email accounts to this program and everything is saved in one location.

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Electronic Catalogues in Electronic Public Procurement
07 Aug 2011

IiD*: Machine-readable electronic catalogues for an agile and self-organised procurement process in the future.

Problem Electronic catalogues are used for several reasons to transport information about products. These data can be configuration data, property structure, commercial data, technical data, graphical data, text, description, classification data and catalogue structural data and are used for different processes, such as selection of products, order of products, for

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06 Aug 2011

Setting up the development environment for ICESCRUM

Introduction In my search for a future (project) management software, I found ICESCRUM, which brings a lot of implemented tools for setting up a scrum process. As I have planned to further adapt the software in accordance to my requirements, I have invested some time to build the development

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29 Jun 2011

Corporate Social Media Summit 2011 (San Francisco)

This was the Corporate Social Media Summit 2011 in San Francisco: To put it in a word, everything was about engagement.

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